Relief with regular bowel movements

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Purest plant extracts

PreLusil is a once-daily capsule taken at night (before sleeping) so as to allow 7-8 hours of stimulant and laxative activity to support a regular bowel movement in the morning. PreLusil is a physiological and powerful combination of complementary bioactives from plant extracts sourced from the India (Senna leaves); European Buckthorn fruit extract and Alder Buckthorn bark extract, both sourced from Europe. Black pepper seed extract helps with efficient absorption of the three ingredients.

The form, frequency, and transit time of bowel movements may play an important role in colon health. Larger bowel movements rid the body of excess estrogen and excess bile. Women who have more frequent bowel movements appear to be at lower risk of breast cancer, which may be because bile acids absorbed from our intestines concentrate in the breast and have an estrogen-like tumor promoting effect. A minimum of 200 grams of fecal output (about a half pound) per day is the goal.

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